Evaluation of Official Development Assistance support to Health Sector of Kyrgyz Republic

The Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic and the WHO Country Office decided to jointly launch the process of creating a comprehensive database and a comprehensive analysis of support for the health sector in Kyrgyzstan by all development partners in 2015.
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This study aims to improve information sharing and strengthen efforts to improve partner coordination and the effectiveness of development assistance.



Data collection was conducted through an online interface and strengthened through face-to-face validation interviews.

Stydies' Results

The surveys collected data on budgets and type of funding for each program and/or project.

Development partners

This section contains general information on development partners and their projects

Funding categories, components, health system priorities

The distribution of disbursements across different funding categories

Alignment with national priorities

The alignment of aid flows with health-sector policies, strategies, and programs is shown this section

Aid predictability

This section of the questionnaire is intended to help the Ministry of Health assess the coherence and orderliness of development partners.

Coordination and complementarity

This section of the questionnaire assessed donor coordination for joint missions and analytical work

Data analysis

Here is an analysis of key projects data and financial disbursements from development partners.